Our New Beginning _ Trần Văn Giang

Thứ Sáu, 12 Tháng Tám 20225:59 CH(Xem: 1804)
Our New Beginning _ Trần Văn Giang

Our New Beginning

Since you came to our world in a mysterious way

You suddenly open our hearts to a new day. 

Your bright eyes light up our lives with sunshine 

Your cries break out the silence of a long night. 


May we all be blessed with the love 

That is impossible to express in prose. 


You are nothing less than miracles. 

It is simply too awesome to behold. 


For you create invisible lines of connection, 

Joy and comfort that is numerous to mention. 


Not only being just a part of the happy family, 

But we also begin to apprehend the birth of new possibilities. 


With a deepened sense of gratitude and awe 

We now believe that our lives have a purpose. 


“Happily ever after” is apparently the beginning 

Of an exciting journey that you will surely bring. 


                                                                                        Trần Văn Giang
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